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Siding Installation In Dodge City, KS

Superior Home Improvements in Dodge City, KS has a wide inventory of vinyl siding for sale while also providing the option for professional installation. If you are considering upgrading your home with vinyl siding or need to replace the existing, we have the trusted brands, appropriate prices and reliable crew to make it happen.

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Vinyl Siding Services For Any Home!

We offer the sale of vinyl siding from the highly reputable companies Exterior Portfolio and Vinyl Siding Institute. When purchasing your siding, our friendly sales representatives are happy to walk you through any questions you may have and are backed with years of tested industry experience. Superior Home Improvements is also staffed by professional installation technicians who are capable and deeply experienced with the brands we carry. They have installed vinyl siding throughout the region on every age, shape and sized home, bringing the same level of courtesy and professionalism with them on every job.

Vinyl Siding Styles & Options

Be sure to call and speak with a sales representative as our offerings are extremely broad!

  • Traditional Siding: low maintenance and durable, offering different styles and colors to match any home decor
  • Shake & Shingle Siding: stylized, rustic, unique and long lasting with varied color and design available
  • Insulated Siding: easy to upkeep, provides energy saving and enduring with a great assortment of selections
  • Solid Core Siding: reduces thermal conductivity and significantly deadens sounds coming from outside of the home
  • Steel Siding: one of the most durable types of siding, it can withstand virtually any weather condition and is incredibly energy efficient
  • Vinyl Siding: this popular siding option provides an affordable, easy to maintain, easy to install product
Vinyl Siding - Dodge City, KS
Siding Installation - Dodge City, KS

“My compliments to the two gentlemen you selected to do our siding work. They are very kind, very clean, most professional and we are all comfortable with having them around our houses. So many workers tend to be a little “crass” but these two men are gentlemen. Thought you would like to know that they represent Superior in a “superior” fashion.”

Jan S. – Dodge City

“We are pleased with the windows and siding. Thanks for a good job!"

Harry R. – Greensburg

“Thank you for all your help and thoughtfulness. We are pleased with our new look!”

Bev Y. – Ashland

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